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Soufriere Taxi Association

The Soufriere Taxi Association has been a vibrant & pivotal organization for many years in the beautiful exotic south western Saint Lucian town of Soufriere.
We have always strived to improve the general quality of life in our home community.

Our History

Before officially being known as the Soufriere Taxi Association our organization was known as or registered business name was The Soufriere Taxi & Van Drivers Association. The Business name change and/or change of organization particulars was furnished by Mr. Daniel Joseph….. (read more)

Our Constitution

The Soufriere Taxi Association
It is hereby agreed that the following shall be adopted as Rules of THE SOUFRIERE TAXI ASSOCIATION (hereinafter called the Association) in place of the Rules filed with the Registrar of Business Names on 4th February 1988 as follows:
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Association's Policy

The Association’s Policies are geared at ensuring the highest quality of transportation service. These policies include regulations that govern the day to day activities of our members, the general public and the clients that we serve, safety and comfort whilst utilizing our services..... (read more)

Our Members

Membership of the Soufriere Taxi Association is open to taxi owners who are certified by the Ministry of Tourism and reside between the Canaries and Choiseul Districts (Saltibus Route).....(read more)

Our Achievements

Our achievements are measured continually by our aims and objectives that we have laid out in our constitution. We are proud to state confidently that it is one of our and first greatest achievements that we have met most of our goals and continue to set new ones.... (read more)

Our Future